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- We require 24 hour notice prior to cancellation/rescheduling of an appointment. Any changes to your appointment date or time within 24 hours of your appointment will automatically incur a $35-$75 fee payable at the time of appointment change. Should our surveyor arrive at the property, any cancellation/rescheduling will incur a $75-$125 fee (see your confirmation email for details). Once your survey has begun, you are responsible for the full cost of your floor plans and can no longer cancel your order.
- We charge per unit for your residential floor plans.
- The final price of your plans will be dependent on the actual total square footage measured per unit and includes measurements for all interior spaces including garage and mechanical rooms.
- We require credit card information to place your order; this card will be charged automatically for the full cost of the plans at the time your order is ready to be delivered. If the order total is $1,000 and above, we will keep your credit card on file but you will need to mail in a check for payment (we reserve the right to process the credit card on file if unable to collect payment).
- After delivery of your plans, your first set of basic revisions (such as room name changes) will be provided as a courtesy; however all subsequent revision requests will incur a revision fee.
- All measurements are approximate. While deemed reliable, no information on these floor plans should be relied upon without independent verification. Should the accuracy of our survey drawings be disputed, we reserve the right to come back out and verify and remedy the survey and to pass on applicable costs should we deem our drawings accurate.
- Floor Plan Visuals is a subsidiary of KJR Group LLC. All billing will appear on your statements as KJR Group LLC.
- Our floor plans are the property of KJR Group LLC and intended only for the direct use of the client ordering the plans. The resale of our plans is prohibited. The use of our plans by a third-party without written authorization by KJR Group is prohibited.